Tableaux Co-Founders Christian Garces and Thomas Von Schimonsky holding original Faux Iron prototype

Brief History of Tableaux®

Tableaux® [ta-bloh, tab-loh] was founded in 2002 by a Colombian-American artist and a German-Brazilian engineer.

Their idea was to create a product that replicated the old-world openwork architectural art forms they had seen throughout their world travels. They originally name their company “Luna Piena” Inc. (meaning full moon in Italian), and the product itself was branded “Tableaux”.

Working out of a garage in Austin Texas and using their first CNC router, the two entrepreneurs spent their first year developing a process for cutting geometric design patterns out of wood. They also perfected an artistic application of finish colors that made the product look like real wrought iron and coined the term “Faux Iron”.

During that first year, they also signed up several independent designers and local retail stores who were interested in selling Faux Iron for use in window treatments and other décor applications.

In 2003 they purchased two additional CNC machines, moved into a larger 5000 sq. ft. facility, and began to build a distribution channel to sell their Faux Iron product.

Tableaux Residential & Commercial Divisions

By 2010 they had expanded their offices and manufacturing facility to include nine CNC machines in 17,500 sq. ft. and had built up a large network of independent residential resellers throughout the U.S.

Their first commercial trade show experience was in 2012 when they exhibited at the HD Expo in Las Vegas and Boutique Design New York (BDNY). Returning from these shows with a wealth of information and a better understanding about the needs of commercial clients, they spent the next 2 years experimenting with new materials and formulating a plan to market and sell direct to commercial hospitality design firms working on non-residential spaces.

They officially changed the company’s name to “Tableaux” in 2014. They also expanded their product beyond the original “Tableaux© Faux Iron” and added two other product families; “Tableaux© Veneer” and “Tableaux© Elements” and introduced “Decorative Grilles” as a design product category with  additional options to complement virtually any interior or exterior design style.

In 2016 they introduced “Tableaux© Metal”, a fourth Decorative Grille product family, to their commercial clients. This choice of Aluminum Alloy or Standard Steel material further enables design professionals to commission a totally unique and one-of-a kind design/décor product and realize their creative vision.

Tableaux exhibit at HD Expo
Tableaux staff photo

Tableaux Today

Tableaux is America’s leading designer & manufacturer of made-to-order decorative grilles for hospitality design & home décor.

Since 2002, Tableaux has enabled design professionals and design-conscious homeowners to realize their creative vision by crafting a one-of-a-kind interior design/décor product custom-made for their unique projects.

Tableaux is an American small business with a culturally diverse team of artisans that makes its product using sustainable materials sourced in America. Our corporate offices and production facility are located under one roof at 8212 Bagby Drive, Austin, TX 78724. All products are shipped from this location.

Tableaux currently has 20 employees (not counting the dogs). Most work onsite in Austin. Some design, sales, and marketing staff, work remotely. The majority of Tableaux employees have been with the company for over 10 years.

Company Values

We at Tableaux repudiate racism or discrimination of any kind.
We reject the abuse of power by authorities and any senseless violence.
We endorse equal rights and equal opportunities.
We foster tolerance and the open exchange of ideas.