Tableaux Decorative Grilles on Ceiling and Front Desk Wall in The Champlain Waterfront Hotel-1920
Tableaux Decorative Grilles custom accents for office design and
Tableaux Decorative Grilles in Commercial Window Treatments-1920

Tableaux® Decorative Grilles Product Overview

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Decorative Grilles are an openwork architectural art form consisting of design patterns made by cutting openings or holes into various material substrates.

Tableaux® [ta-bloh, tab-loh] Decorative Grilles are cut from recycled wood or sustainable metal substrates with material characteristics that complement any design style and Hospitality Design project theme. Applications include: Statement Ceiling Décor & Treatments, Decorative Accents & Wall Art, Partition Screens & Room Dividers, Window Décor & Treatments, and Miscellaneous Architectural Décor.

Every Tableaux Decorative Grille is custom-made and totally unique. You can use one of our Design Patterns, send us your own, or we can create one for you based on your concept and ideas! Each is produced individually to match the style, size, density, and finish color you specify.

Our Order Process enables us to work closely with Our Clients, from concept to custom-production, to deliver a truly one-of-kind interior/exterior architectural design product.

Design Styles & Product Families

Continue reading below for a history and overview of our product families. Be sure to check out our Lookbook to see photos of applications, zor go to the Design Patterns page to see our evolving collection of design patterns. You can also study our Material Specs for detailed information about our material substrates.

Tableaux Faux Iron™

Tableaux coined the term “Faux Iron” back in 2002 when we manufactured our first product. Originally conceptualized for use in transom windows, Tableaux Faux Iron quickly became a favorite among specialty residential window treatment resellers who were looking to add custom home décor items to their product mix. This classic Tuscan-style iron-like product offered an alternative to using real wrought iron without the weight, cost, or installation complexities.

Today, Tableaux Faux Iron has evolved into the perfect design option for replicating classic and traditional wrought iron design patterns and old-world styles in a variety of residential and commercial interior design, and exterior design applications.

Tableaux Veneer™

Geographies and locales influence interior design styles. As the list of Tableaux resellers grew throughout the U.S., many expressed their need for styles beyond classic, traditional old-world. Tableaux responded by testing material substrates and experimenting with finishes that closely matched restored or aged wood furniture.

In 2016, Tableaux Veneer was introduced. Made from industrial-grade MDF recycled wood panels layered with real hardwood walnut veneer, Tableaux Veneer and its woodgrain surface is well-suited for use with organic, rustic, or contemporary interior design styles with aged or natural wood accents.

Tableaux Elements™

With focus and attention on our boutique hospitality design clients, it was evident we needed to further expand our wood products to include something with characteristics better-suited to contemporary, industrial/urban, and modern interior design styles.

Our material search led us to an Industrial-Grade Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) manufactured with a synthetic resin system and certified as Class 1 Flame Retardant. In January 2017 we started using this substrate to manufacture Tableaux Elements. Tableaux Elements has a smoother finish compared to our other wood products. This allows for specialized finish colors to be applied in a manner that results in a metal-like appearance, making Tableaux Elements a great alternative to using metal when a project calls for metal that may be out of budget range.

Tableaux Metal™

Since our first commercial project in 2011, Tableaux has manufactured hundreds of Decorative Grilles made from wood panels reinforced with metal support or metal framing. When necessary, we can supply all the installation hardware needed to install your Decorative Grilles. We also custom-fabricated hardware to accommodate complex installation requirements.

In addition to metal reinforcement and hardware, some projects may have a specific need for thinner or more durable Decorative Grille panels that would otherwise not be possible with our wood products. Tableaux Metal fills that need by offering Decorative Grilles made from Standard Steel or Aluminum Alloy that can be powder coated in virtually any color.