Tableaux Decorative Grilles in Commercial Window Treatments
Tableaux Decorative Grilles in Commercial Window Treatments
Tableaux Decorative Grilles Ceiling Décor & Treatments

Tableaux® Window Décor & Treatments

Windows are among the first things people notice when they walk into a space. This makes window décor and treatments one of the most important factors in a property's overall design scheme.

A well-dressed window can make or break a room's aesthetic. With Tableaux Decorative Grilles for Window Décor & Treatments, you can go well beyond typical window dressing.

Tableaux will create your Decorative Grilles to match any size or shape window using design patterns that match any interior design style. Make it functional by ordering with Mermet Solar Screen fabric pre-attached, or opt for Mermet’s KOOLBLACK® screen which reflects solar energy back towards the outside. Now that’s a cool window!

Turn your Ideas into Specialized Window Décor & Treatments

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are custom made-to-order using your ideas and specifications.

Tell us about the shape, size, design style & pattern, colors, and mounting method you desire. Then let us design & manufacture one-of-a-kind decorative grilles for use in Window Décor & Treatments. Check out our Lookbook for more photos of Window Décor & Treatments.

Complete our Estimate Request today and let us help you create a unique work of art for your Window Décor & Treatments!

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Tableaux Decorative Grilles Ceiling Décor & Treatments