Tableaux® Product Pricing

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are made-to-order in a large variety of design patterns, materials, and configurations to suit any project.

Due to the highly custom nature of the product, there’s no one-price-fits-all solution. Pricing can range anywhere between $65 to $150 or more per square foot, and is determined by the following:

  • Selected material type (woods and/or metals)
  • Material size
  • Design complexity
  • Number of client revisions to drawings
  • Type of machining required (CNC, laser, or misc.)
  • Type of MDF carving (non-beveled, single-sided, double-sided)
  • Finish color and color application method
  • Specified framing or hardware
  • Fabrication of specialty framing or hardware
  • Rushed production and/or delivery timelines
  • Shipping destination and location type

We may also be able to find ways to value-engineer your project during our Order Process. This ensures you don’t over-pay for options you don’t need when less expensive alternatives may be available.

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