Tableaux Decorative Grilles on Exterior of United Bank Building

Solar Screen Options

Tableaux® Decorative Grilles for window décor and treatments can be specified with solar screen fabric pre-installed* This adds functionality, and even more versatility, to our decorative products by offering an option that helps block sunlight and/or serve as an additional barrier to heat.

E Screen

Mermet E Screen is a popular fabric known for its simplicity of design, proportional weave, application versatility and excellent performance. It is an optimal choice for any installation, residential or commercial, that is looking for good view through capabilities.

E Screen Benefits

  • Constructed with Enduris™ glass core yarns for durability & dimensional stability
  • Great for interior and exterior applications
  • Simple designs and proportional weaves for optimal view through
  • E Screen Openness (represents the density of the fabric weave) 1% | 3% | 5% | 10%

Download Mermet Digital Swatch Card
Download the full E-Screen Specifications

E Screen Color Selection

NOTE: Darker screen colors offer better transparency (view-through) and enhanced glare control. On the contrary, the lighter colors diffuse more natural light. Learn more about the Thermal and Optical Performance of Fabrics.

Openness Factor

This is the percentage of open holes in a solar shade, otherwise known as weave density. A shade with a high openness factor allows more solar transmittance and better view-through. This would also indicate the percentage of visible light that passes through the fabric unobstructed. The openness factor does not determine visibility, glare or thermal control all by itself. Openness is inversely proportionate to UV blockage.

*Available when specifying 3/4" or 1" material thickness. Not available for Tableaux Metal™.

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