Tableaux Decorative Grilles Ceiling Décor & Treatments

Tableaux® Partitions & Room Dividers

Partitions and room dividers allow you to get the most out of any space when used to separate spaces within a room, conceal certain aspects of a room, or make areas of a room more intimate.

As a completely custom product specified and ordered for use as partitions or room dividers, Tableaux Decorative Grilles will totally redefine the layout of a space while adding distinctive architectural flair.

Incorporating this versatile solution is brilliant way to introduce depth, dimension, and color into boutique hotel & resort design, restaurant design, senior living design, healthcare facilities design, and other misc. hospitality & commercial design projects.

Turn your Ideas into Distinctive Partitions & Room Dividers

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are custom made-to-order using your ideas and specifications.

Tell us about the shape, size, design style & pattern, colors, and mounting method you desire. Then let us design & manufacture one-of-a-kind decorative grilles for use as Partitions & Room Dividers. Check out our Lookbook for more photos of Partitions & Room Dividers.

Complete our Estimate Request today and let us help you create a unique work of art for your Partitions & Room Dividers!

Tableaux Decorative Grilles Ceiling Décor & Treatments