Tableaux® Order Process for Commercial Accounts

Tableaux designs, custom-manufactures, sells its Decorative Grille products direct to Commercial Accounts. We define “Commercial-Direct Accounts” as Design Firms, Architectural Firms, Owner/Developers, and  Specifiers working primarily on interior/exterior design projects in Hospitality Design including Hotels, Restaurants, Senior Living, as well as Multifamily, Retail, Office, and other miscellaneous Non-Residential Spaces.

Our order and custom-production process was developed to make your entire experience with Tableaux enjoyable and professional. We value your time and ours, and we strive to be as accurate and efficient as possible throughout all stages of our engagement.

Stage 1 - Estimate Request

The starting point for any work we do is for you to submit basic project specs using our Estimate Request form.

If you already have a Tableaux Commercial-Direct Account with us, you’ll be shown only those fields that are necessary for us to get a basic understanding of your project. You’ll also be able to upload concept artwork, photos, plans or other related files. This information is needed to guide our initial work. Our Commercial Account Manager will review your project specs and get back to you within three business days.

If you do not have a Tableaux Commercial-Direct Account with us, you’ll be asked to answer a few more questions on the form so we can get you qualified. This process may add a day or two to our follow up on your request.

Stage 2 - Design Proposal

Our Commercial Designers will create a Preliminary Design based on the project information you submit in your Estimate Request.

The Preliminary Design will illustrate the design pattern you selected, scaled as it will look in your specific shape and density. The Preliminary Design is the starting point for design and measurement modifications, and is also used to calculate your Preliminary Estimate. Your Preliminary Design and Estimate will be emailed to you in a Design Proposal.

Once you have reviewed your Design Proposal and notified our Commercial Account Manager that you are interested in moving forward, a decision can be made as to whether or not a Technical Review is needed. If everything on your Preliminary Design and Estimate meets with your approval, and together we decide a Technical Review is not needed, we can skip down to Stage 6.

Stage 3 (if needed) - Technical Review

If a Technical Review is needed, we will schedule a conference call with your team and our Commercial Projects Team to discuss your project in greater detail.

During the call we’ll discuss and confirm design, installation, hardware, timelines, and any other project specifics. We may offer alternative options to consider, and help cost-engineer your project to better serve your client’s mandates or directives.

We will make any requested modifications and revise the Preliminary Design and create more detailed Shop Drawings if necessary. We will also update the Preliminary Estimate to reflect any changes. Our Commercial Account Manager will send you an email with updated documents for review.

Stage 4 (if needed) - Shop Drawing

If a Shop Drawing was necessary for your project, it will include more detailed illustrations and dimensions.

The Shop Drawing and accompanying documents will describe quantity, shape, size, product family, material specs, finish color, and other details necessary to accurately manufacture your Decorative Grilles. Additional fees may apply in circumstances when complex drawings are requested.

Stage 5 (if needed) - Installation Instructions

In most cases, your final Preliminary Design or Shop Drawing will have all the info your Contractor needs to install your Decorative Grilles.

Installation Instructions are only generated on an as-needed basis. Additional fees may apply in circumstances when complex instructions are requested.

Stage 6 - Approval & Payment

Once all revisions have been completed to your liking, our Commercial Account Manager will email you an Approval Packet.

The Approval Packet will include the last revised version of your Preliminary Design or Shop Drawing, and an Invoice showing final pricing for all services, materials, options, surcharges, etc.

When you are ready to move forward with placing the order, you should carefully review all the documents in your Approval Packet one last time before final approval and notify us of any additional revisions. If everything meets with your approval, sign and email all of your approval documents to our Commercial Account Manager.

A minimum payment of 50% and all signed Approval Documents are due before your order can go into production. Once we receive all of your signed Approval Documents and payment, our Commercial Project Manager will contact you to confirm your order has been moved into production.


Stage 7 - Custom Production

Every Tableaux Decorative Grille is custom-made and totally unique.

Each is produced individually by designers, machine operators, craftspersons, and artisans, to meet the style, size, density, color, and cost needs of the client. Custom Tableaux Decorative Grilles are a one-of-kind interior design product that involve the client in the design, material selection, and individualized fit.

Production timelines for commercial orders typically run 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity of your project. A ship date will be determined and set on the day you approve your order.

Our Commercial Project Manager will be monitoring your order as it passes through each phase of production to ensure quality control along the way. While never anticipated, if a problem arises during production that might impact your project specs or ship date, you will be notified immediately.

Stage 8 - Crating & Scheduling Delivery

Our Commercial Project Manager will conduct a Final inspection of your order prior to being crated.

Crates will be custom-made for your specific order. Your crate will be designed and built to minimize freight costs and damage during shipping, as well as maximizing ease of handling when received.

You will be contacted approximately one week before your scheduled ship date to confirm shipping date, location, and contact info. Your remaining balance is due at this time and must be received before we can schedule delivery. You’ll receive tracking info when your order has shipped.

Stage 9 - Receiving Your Shipment

We take great care when packing your order to eliminate the possibility of damage during shipping. In addition, we apply ShockWatch Impact Indicator Labels to monitor mishandling and safeguard shipments.

Even so, freight damage can occur. A copy of the Instructions for Receiving your Shipment will be emailed to you. Be sure to read it and follow the instructions to avoid problems later.


Stage 10 - Delivery Confirmation

Our Commercial Project Manager will contact you one last time to confirm delivery and make sure your expectations were met.

Our business objective from day one is for you and your client to be absolutely delighted with the finished product!  We take great pride in our work and value your opinion. This is an opportunity to discuss your experience with Tableaux. Let us know how we did, how we might be able to further help you now, or how we can improve in the future.