Tableaux® Design Patterns

Every Tableaux Decorative Grille is designed and custom-made to fit precisely into the space where it will be installed. You can choose one of our Tableaux design patterns, specify a design you provide, or choose to have us create a design for you. Whether used in Ceiling Treatments, Decorative Accents & Wall Art, Partition Screens & Room Dividers, Window Treatments, or Miscellaneous Décor, there's no limit to the visual impact you add to a room with Tableaux!

Design Pattern Variations

Understanding Design Pattern Variations - The illustration below shows how variations to the final design can occur based on choice of product family (material substrate & thickness), overall shape & size, pattern density, border size, and installation method. Variations to a design pattern may be more or less pronounced depending on the chosen design.

After receiving your Estimate Request, our Commercial Designers will use your submitted specifications of shape, size, and chosen design pattern, to create a Project Drawing illustrating a scaled version as it will look in your application.


Tableaux Design Pattern Library

The Tableaux decorative grille design patterns below are displayed in alpha order and represented as 4ft x 8ft rectangles for reference. Browse through *All* our designs or filter by design style or product family. Click a design to enlarge it. The design library is dynamic with new designs being added on a regular basis.