Tableaux Decorative Grilles "Strata" Collection
Tableaux Decorative Grilles Ceiling Décor & Treatments

Tableaux Strata™ Design Collection

Tableaux Strata is a collection of specialty design patterns that are meant to be layered together.

What Can You Do with Tableaux Strata?

  • Two or more Strata design patterns can be layered together for a completely original design
  • You can choose to combine different product families together for a truly unique layered look
  • You can specify different finishes for each layer to bring vivid color & contrast to your custom Tableaux decorative grilles
  • Strata layers can add depth & dimension to the overall look of your custom Tableaux decorative grilles

Where Can Tableaux Strata Be Used?

While your imagination is the only limitation, Tableaux Strata is best suited for use in the following applications:

  • Ceiling Décor & Treatments
  • Decorative Accents & Wall Art
  • Exterior Design & Décor
  • Partition Screens


Tableaux Strata Design Patterns

Custom Strata Designs

You can mix and match designs from our extensive Design Library to create your own “Strata” layered designs.

Have an idea for a new Strata design pattern for your interior design & décor project? Custom work is what we do every day, and your creativity is our driving force! Let Tableaux Designers draw up a set of custom Strata designs* based on your concept!

*Custom design fee applies

Tableaux Decorative Grilles Ceiling Décor & Treatments